4 Most Popular Musical Instruments

Music is freedom; of speech, of thought, of creativity, and of imagination. In a nutshell, music is the freedom to feel and express your emotions. Just like we use words to speak and express ourselves, feelings are expressed through the instrumental tunes of music. No matter which mood you are in, which emotion you want to express, you will definitely find instrumental tones which would touch the deepest corner of your heart and help you express. I dread to wonder what would our world be without music?

Music has changed the way we live. It is a passion for some, a means of entertainment for others, and a means to earn a living for quite a few. Whatever the reasons may be, we all are connected to music in some or another way. Technically speaking, music can be composed from any musical instrument but not all instruments become popular. Let’s take a look at the 4 most popular musical instruments of all times.

The Piano

The piano is a royal instrument. No wonder it is called the king of instruments. A piano, in spite of being a single instrument, is capable of covering the full spectrum of any instrument in the orchestra. This versatility accompanied with the ability to produce melody is what gives piano its name. It justifies the title given to it quite well. Playing a piano is all about the mastery of the keyboard. If you know how to play with your fingers, you would fall in love with the piano too. The only difficulty faced while playing a piano is the coordination between both hands.

The Guitar

The guitar is at the centre of all musical shows. It is considered to be the coolest and smartest of all musical instruments. Guitar players get the most attention as compared to other band members. Guitar players are considered to be the alpha-male every girl desires,not to forget the unlimited musical potential of a guitar. It can be strummed, finger picked or played with the combination of a one or more techniques. In case of guitars too, versatility backs its fame.


Drumming is not only considered a musical instrument, it has more to it. It is believed that drumming bridges the cultural, linguistic, gender and racial gap between people.Apart from this drumming is also considered to have psychological effects which help the body and mind connect to the vibrations of the Earth. It is these qualities which make the drums a favourite among the masses.


As compared to other musical instruments, the flute has a very simple built up. The 19th century saw the popularity of the flute reach its highest peak. The biggest reason behind its popularity is its simple mechanism and the unparalleled melody it creates. Flute lovers feel that it touches the soft corners of the human psyche. It soothes the disturbed mind and heart with its simple tunes xylophone

Music is the food for love. We all need love to survive. The mediums through which we find this love keeps changing but the source is always the same – pure and divine love, which fills our lives and hearts with inspiration and happiness.

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