Ex-Offenders Can Land Jobs Leveraging Employee Referral Programs Kroger Express HR

Using an employee referral program is an excellent way for ex-offenders to get a job. These programs are an essential tool for companies to gain new talent while utilizing their existing talent pool. A good employee referral program can directly impact a company by decreasing turnover, reducing hiring costs, and increasing their productivity. They also build good will throughout the company by involving their employees in the hiring process. Kroger Express HR my eschedule kroger

Many companies find that referrals which come from the inside often lead to good employees. Company employees with whom you have a prior relationship can often refer you directly to the hiring managers of their company. This can occur while they are going through the application process. These companies often give referral applications more consideration than applications received from outside applicants when making their final hiring choice.

As an ex-offender job seeker, you should be able to appreciate the value that employee referral programs bring to your job search. Smart jobs seekers know that many of the best jobs are never advertised. In some cases, a company may have two to three times the number of available job vacancies that are never listed on their website. These are examples of hidden jobs that are only available to people with inside information, employees and their managers.

You stand the chance of being hired three to four times over any other job candidates by being referred by an employee who works for the company. This is powerful information for the right job seeker. Studies suggest that you should spend 75% of your job search time networking, and coming up with a targeted networking strategy. This works by first targeting companies you want to work for and then reverse networking to find people in those companies that you know who can eventually tell you about job openings, and hopefully, refer you to their employer.

A good and often overlooked way to get an inside track on job openings when reverse networking is to contact old classmates from high school or college. Most schools have a special alumni site linked to their official school website. Begin searching these websites for people with whom you were close while attending school. Approach them and ask whether their company is actively hiring and if they would consider putting in a word for you by using their company’s referral program.

Employee referral programs create a win-win-win situation for all parties. You win by getting referred and hired, the company wins because the get a first-rate employee and the employee who referred you wins because they get a bonus. The amount of money that the employee who referred you receives usually depends largely on the job level that you are applying for. For example, entry-level jobs generally pay less than mid to senior level management positions. Referral bonuses can range from $50 per referral up to $500 or more in some cases.

At the end of the application process you will still want to maintain the relationship with the person who referred you. Be sure to send that person a thank you note whether you received the job or not. The company may have an opening that is a better fit for you in the future so keep the doors of communication open.

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