How to Choose the Best Fish Oil Supplement Brand For the Best Results

There is no denying it. Taking fish oil daily is one of the easiest and simplest ways of keeping healthy and avoiding all sorts of deadly diseases. The trick, of course, lies in choosing the best fish oil supplement brand out of the dozens of choices out there PEScience

After years of research into this field, I have found a company from New Zealand that manufactures high quality supplements that can very well fit the bill of the best fish oil supplement brand.

This company has many things going for their oil.

For one, the oil they produce is prepared from a mixture of the hoki and tuna fish species. The hoki is a special fish rich in DHA and EPA Omega 3 fats. It’s these fats that are responsible for the amazing health benefits attributed to fish oil.

Protection from cancer, ease of blood flow through the arteries, a clear and sharp vision even in the later years, and a sharper brain that resists the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s – this is all possible through the power of DHA and EPA fats only.

So having a high DHA and EPA content is a must for a supplement like this. This company’s supplement provides you a high 15,000 mg DHA per bottle of oil. If you look at it from a per-day perspective, it provides you with 280 mg DHA and 120 mg EPA on a daily basis. This is amongst the highest levels of Omega 3 content that you will find anywhere in the market.

Also, the mix of hoki and tuna oil has a special synergistic quality which increases the anti inflammatory properties of this oil many times more than the competition.

The hoki is sourced from the southern coast of New Zealand which is a pristine area free from industries and their associated pollution. The water here is really clean and so the fish are also free from contaminants like lead and mercury most common fish oils come loaded with.

On top of this, the oil is then thoroughly cleansed and concentrated through the process of Molecular Distillation. This makes sure all possible contaminants are removed from the oil and the output is a pure, concentrated oil that is full of the beneficial DHA and EPA fats.

All these are qualities that make this the best fish oil supplement brand available. So go ahead and try their oil for yourself. I guarantee – this will be the best investment you can make for your health and well being.

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